Hello! I’m Karolina, a photographer, adventure lover and a mother. A few years ago I decided to leave my Polish roots and move to Bristol in England, where I am based up to this day. 

I started to be passionate about photography while taking self-portraits. I felt that manifesting my thoughts and feelings through the art is a path I want to follow. As time passed by, it grew into something much bigger. These days I just cannot imagine life without a camera. In my work, as a fashion and portrait photographer, I seek a mixture of authenticity and intimacy while not forgetting about the composition of the picture. My photos are often described as cinematic and melancholic, which come from my inspiration from nature.

It’s all about other’s personality and honesty - I love to connect with people, help them to express themselves and their work. If you’re in need for new photos, whether it’s your new collection, social media content, magazine editorial, or maybe some fresh portraits - reach out to me! I’m sure we can create a story together.


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